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Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow in the films, Andre Sogliuzzo in Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing) is the narcissistic, ruthless and diminutive ruler of the huge castle of Duloc. She is also the mother of the Golden Goose who used to be owned by Giants. When she finds her punches doesn't hurt him, she kicks Thelonious hard between his legs by stepping on the wooden beam of the raft. Fate Marry Princess Fiona (in Shrek 2; failed), Kill Shrek and avenge his mother, Fairy Godmother, by being become the new king of Far Far Away (also failed) She's possibly Lancelot's girlfriend. The Three Little Pigs play a small part in Shrek Forever After, when they appear at the ogre triplet's birthday party. Their names are Forder, Gorder and Horder. Fairy Godmother, Rapunzel, King Harold (formerly) They have antlers and fly around in Donkey's Christmas story. Her last appearance is at the end of the film, still celebrating the children's birthday. In Shrek the Third, the Three Blind Mice only appear in two scenes: during the funeral of King Harold, and when Shrek is about to leave to find the new king of Far Far Away. They are seen again in Shrek 2, when they give Shrek a ring engraved with "I love you" in flaming letters for Fiona (in an allusion to the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings). While Charming does this, his mother makes sure the real Shrek, who had been turned into a human by the Happily Ever After potion, doesn't reach Fiona. The captain of the school's jousting team. In the ending, he is seen shining a light on a giant disco ball. After Shrek, Donkey and Puss return to Far Far Away with Artie (thanks to Merlin), Charming is seen getting ready for a show where he plans to kill Shrek in front of the whole kingdom, when Shrek confronts him in the dressing room and demands to know where Fiona is. He helps Shrek and Princess Fiona by guarding their swamp while they visit Far Far Away. The only person he cares for is his late mother. In Scared Shrekless, Farquaad is long dead, and his castle left in a decrepit state. He often overpowers his enemies by distracting them with his "cute kitten" looks. He is a family man and does not really want to be evil. He looks very similar to Butter Pants from Shrek Forever After. Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear (voiced by Bobby Block) appear in the first film among the fairytale characters captured by Lord Farquaad's troops as Baby Bear tells his parents "This cage is too small." When the dronkeys were first introduced in the post-credits scene of "Shrek 2", there were six, including a unique individual which was red like her mother. Tinker Bell is almost sold by Peter Pan in the first film, and it is her "fairy dust" that allows Donkey to fly temporarily. He adores those buttons and begs Lord Farquaad not to pull them off. After being brought on stage, Shrek begins to ruin it for Charming by insulting him, making everyone laugh. She escapes with Fiona, Queen Lillian, Doris, and the other princesses. In Shrek 2, Pinocchio has become one of Shrek's best friends. They all fell down the waterfall, but the Dragon rescued all of them and kills Lord Farquaad for good. He has also become the frequent companion of the honorable mercenary Puss In Boots, although the two always fight or disagree from one another. Humpty grew jealous of Puss's fame and later tricked him into helping him rob a bank, thus branding Puss an outlaw. She is shown sleeping inside her coffin and being handled[clarification needed] by her seven dwarves. Not much is known about Charming's past but it's known he is a mother's boy, the only one he really cares for. Fifi is Rumpelstiltskin's giant pet goose. Later in the movie, after Shrek, Donkey and their new friend Puss-In-Boots steal Fairy Godmother's Happily Ever After potion and trash her factory, Charming enters, notices the mess and asks what happened, she tells him Shrek was there. After they invade the main castle of Far Far Away, Charming prepares a stage show in which he will kill Shrek in front of the entire kingdom. They were introduced in a sequel where they served as the secondary antagonists, with their mothers being the main antagonists. He reveals that he has "always wanted to play the flute" (which would be difficult at best since he has no head). (delivered when Tinkerbell inadvertently sprinkles fairy dust on Donkey). It then presents Lord Farquaad with three princesses that he can marry: Cinderella, Snow White, and Princess Fiona, in which he chooses Fiona. The Golden Goose in Puss in Boots looks more like a giant gosling even being titled as the golden goose and even when she's too young, she lays solid golden eggs and is determined to fly as she flaps her wings. He has poor intelligence, as shown when Lord Farquaad is deciding between three princesses and Thelonious says "Three! In Shrek the Third, the Muffin Man is revealed to be a father figure to Gingy, who calls him "Papa". He decides that Princess Fiona will be his perfect wife and queen, but first she must be rescued from her tower, which is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Later Shrek, Donkey (who drank the potion and became a horse) and Puss spy on Harold, Charming and Fairy Godmother at the poison apple. She first appears in Fiona's baby shower, but Prince Charming interrupts it and takes over the throne. Pinocchio also appears as an unlockable racer in the game Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing. Later, we can see that he was in cahoots with Humpty to take the Golden Goose and trick Puss into being imprisoned in his home town. He and the others later travel to Far Far Away to free Shrek, Puss In Boots and Donkey, who have been captured. They can disguise themselves as ordinary trees and they also use their leaves as a parachute. A silent character, Dragon has no spoken lines throughout the course of the franchise, though other characters, including Donkey, are able to somewhat understand her language when she communicates through hushed roars. Shrek takes part in the show, but his allies come to the rescue. It is later revealed that Charming is the son of the Fairy Godmother and that she wants him to marry Fiona so that he can become king. He is made out of a normal carved-out gingerbread with icing and gumdrop buttons. At the start of the film, they help look after Shrek's and Fiona's house while they visit Far Far Away. The Furniture that are in Fiona's bedroom first appeared in Shrek 2. After Charming calls Fairy Godmother 'Mother'. They later appear in Far Far Away Idol, singing "I Can See Clearly Now.". Little Red Riding Hood is shown at the beginning of Shrek 2, coming to the gingerbread and cake house (from Hansel and Gretel) and running away leaving her basket behind after seeing Shrek and Fiona as ogres. Some of them are seen dancing modern hip hop moves to the Pied Piper's flute after they ridicule him. Gingy thought of adding much sugar to the gingerbread batter to make his girlfriend really sweet, despite the Muffin Man's objections. In Thriller Night, Shrek and his family watch The Music of Sound, starring Queen Lillian. Occupation He uses his nose as their horn to communicate music. Feature films The Three Little Pigs (voiced by Cody Cameron) are friends of Shrek. In the end credits for The Pig Who Cried Werewolf, it is revealed that their names are Heimlich, Dieter, and Horst. Her slam is Basket of Utter Destruction. When they arrive Shrek and Fiona aren’t what they expected. Dronkeys are the hybrid offspring of Dragon and Donkey. He also appears in the scene when Rumpelstiltskin promises anyone's heart's desire if they give him Shrek. When Lord Farquaad is forced to choose a wife, Snow White, seen sleeping in the glass coffin, is his second choice. In Shrek 2, two Evil Gnomes are shown wrestling with each other. Also during the musical, Pinocchio, with the help of the Fairytale Creatures, learns the meaning of being true to yourself; and the meaning of what makes a family. Prince Charming later makes his first appearance in Shrek 2, where he served as the secondary antagonist, his mother the Fairy Godmother being the main antagonist. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast They were pursued by the authorities; Humpty was captured while Puss escaped. Shrek 3 Later, in the alternate universe, he nearly signs a contract with Rumpelstiltskin to become a real boy, but ink is accidentally spilled over the document. There, Charming vows to his mother (whom he has a picture of) that he will become the king of Far Far Away and kill Shrek to avenge her death. She is later betrayed by Rapunzel and imprisoned with others in a dungeon. At the end of the first film, the transforming spell is broken and she permanently takes the form of an ogress when she realizes that Shrek is her true love. Both are introduced as the main antagonist of the second film but are later revealed to be pawns for the true main villains - Fairy God Mother and Stinky Pete. The following characters appear in Shrek the Musical: Shrek's ogre parents appear at the beginning of the musical. Both made their first appearance in the second film, as the secondary antagonist (as Beckett first appeared in the second, Both later returned in the third film, as the main antagonist (as Beckett was the main antagonist of the third, The only two differences between them are that - A. while Charming has some redeeming qualities, Beckett doesn't. She chews bubble gum. Harold tell them that Fiona is not warming up to Charming, to which he says it's not his fault. She complains that they could just have stayed put and carried on with their normal routines (having tea parties and similarly stereotypical "girly" behavior), claiming to not care who is in charge. Her signature dish is the chimichanga, of which she takes a cartful to the ambush of Rumpelstiltskin. Shrek 2Shrek the ThirdShrek Forever After (cameo in the credits) He can handle different species (rats, ogres, witches...) or even objects (Rumpelstiltskin's socks) by setting the "target" dial of his flute. However, Charming refuses, and prepares to kill Artie, when suddenly Shrek breaks free of his chains and Charming stabs him instead, but (as Shrek reveals to the others) Shrek is completely unharmed; Charming (with his bad aim) merely stuck the sword between Shrek's arm and side. Powers and abilities The Three Blind Mice (voiced by Christopher Knights and Simon J. Smith in most films, Mike Myers in Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party) are a trio of identical blind mice brothers with English accents that are friends with Shrek and the others. Unlike the previous films, he is never seen in his frog form. Shrek disrupts the marriage ceremony, delaying a kiss between Farquaad and Fiona until after sunset. They are later seen during the Royal Far Far Away Ball and again when Shrek (in his human form) is thrown into a police truck. Fairy Godmother then demands that Harold give Fiona a drink of a love that will make her fall in love with Charming if she kisses him. In the first, he and Lillian are about to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin, but they break it off at the last moment, after a royal messenger enters and informs them that Fiona has been saved. He is quite similar to the following villains: Both are from a computer animated film series. When the place the coffin on the table, Shrek says "Oh no! Boomstick: Whether it's … A Gnome appears in the Seattle Try-out & Broadway Line-Up of Shrek the Musical amongst the fairy tale characters that are banished to Shrek's swamp. They appear at the start of the film, where Prince Charming has a new job as an actor in a dinner theatre. She is more of a stereotypical ogre as opposed to kind and delicate like Fiona, looking and behaving closer to like that of the other male ogres. Rumpelstiltskin is then furious and vows revenge on Shrek. When Lord Farquaad is forced to choose his wife so that he can become king, Cinderella is one of his choices. she is again surrounded by a bubble, which then shows an image of the Fairy Godmother's cottage. Rapunzel, Captain Hook (formerly), Headless Horseman (formerly), Evil Queen (formerly), Cyclops (formerly), his Servants In Shrek Forever After, Rumpelstiltskin has it and uses it on television broadcasting purposes. This is a list of characters that appear in the Shrek franchise and spin-offs from it. He begins to sing "Hooked On A Feeling" until Tinkerbell (whom Hook poisons in the classic Peter Pan story) prompts Simon Cowell to remove him from the stage. Then he fell from the waterfall but grabbed onto a branch. Guinevere (voiced by Latifa Ouaou) is a love interest of Arthur's. Rapunzel then betrays them and shows off her love and affection for the Prince, while the other women are imprisoned in a dungeon with Rapunzel telling Prince Charming not to have any harm come to them. Cookie (voiced by Craig Robinson) is an ogre and a chef for the Ogre Resistance in Shrek Forever After. In Shrek the Third, after their ship crashes into sharp rocks, Shrek, Donkey, Puss and Artie get stranded on an island (possibly Lovers' Beach in Far Far Away). Two of them pull Puss's tail and put a pacifier into his mouth. He is mean, abusive, charismatic, manipulative, and more focused on becoming king of Far Far Away. Prince Charming storms in and demands Shrek's location. Friends One of the pigs stated that Lord Farquaad "huffed and puffed and signed an eviction notice." It's unknown why he didn't rescue Fiona in the alternate timeline, although it could be because she lost the throne of Far Far Away after her parents signed away their kingdom to Rumpelstiltskin and he knew he wouldn't gain anything by marrying her. Puss is displeased when they use him for tug-o-war. Puss first appears in Shrek 2, much like Dragon in the first film. Although The Fairy Godmother does not appear in Shrek the Third, she is mentioned numerous times by Prince Charming. They appear in all the Shrek films. The only difference between them is that while Charming has some redeeming qualities, Palpatine doesn't. Unwilling to perform the rescue himself, Farquaad holds a tournament to select the knight that will rescue Princess Fiona. By Shrek 2, the pigs have become best friends with Shrek. In Shrek the Third, Little Red Riding Hood was seen pickpocketing someone. Prince Charming Harold hires Puss In Boots to assassinate Shrek, but then succumbs to guilt when Fiona finds out that Shrek is missing. While trying to get into the castle, Cinderella hurls her glass slipper like a boomerang at a knight, knocking him out. Charming later appears in Far Far Away Idol, the short film on the original Shrek 2 DVD. Fiona encourages her and the others to show some initiative, and they manage to escape and head towards the castle. Steve and Ed (simply known as The Trees) are minor characters in Shrek 2 and supporting antagonists in Shrek the Third. Himself, prospect of being king, Princess Fiona (formerly), his mother, Rapunzel The Mad Hatter appears in the West End Line-Up version of Shrek the Musical amongst the fairy tale characters that are banished to Shrek's swamp. Both were mentioned in the first film of their series (as Buzz mentioned Zurg in the original, Both later made their first appearance in the second film, as a supporting villain (as Zurg first appeared in. Heroes and villians Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. While Shrek, Donkey, and Puss are in search of the heir to the kingdom, Fiona's cousin Artie, Charming and his new friends attack the castle. In the game Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing, she makes a cameo in the Potion Factory Exterior Track. Farquaad later uses it to constantly review the image of Fiona, in which it is now constantly worried. His father abandoned him at the high school Worcestershire, where he remains until Shrek finds him. Self-Loving, brainy, selfish, menacing, pompous, bratty, spoiled, whiny, ill-mannered, rude, vain, uncaring, pretentious, melodramatic, delusional, arrogant, negative, pessimistic, intelligent, emotional, narcissistic, bad-tempered, cantankerous, cranky, grouchy, treacherous, offensive, pushy, overbearing Fairy Godmother catches her wand and aims it at Shrek but Harold blocks it. Afterwards, Harold apologizes to Shrek and warmly accepts him into the family, and as he decides to leave believing that he is not the man Lillian deserved, she comforts him by saying that he is more that man now than he ever was when he was a human. She is a stress eater ("someone get me something deep fried and smothered in chocolate," when Shrek makes a mess of her potion factory, and during her talk with Harold in the carriage about Shrek, it is shown that Harold ruined her diet when she orders food from Friar's Fat Boy). In Shrek the Third, the Cyclops is seen on a Bucking Bronco at the Poison Apple Bar when Prince Charming comes in. in Scared Shrekless. Later Charming is seen with Fiona's father, King Harold the king of a kingdom called Far Far Away and Fiona's Fairy Godmother It is revealed there that Charming is in fact the son of the Fairy Godmother, and with his mother's thorough support, he wants to marry Fiona so that he can become king and he is not happy that he, as his mother puts it "Endured Blistering Winds and scorching deserts and climbed to the highest bloody room of the tallest bloody tower only to find a gender confused wolf telling him that his princess was already married." But when Thelonious released the raft to send Fiona over a waterfall, he forgot to get off of it first. In the event, when Fiona states that she loves the old Shrek, rather the new one that Prince Charming is pretending to be, Harold swaps the cup containing the potion for his own. They then take away Fairy Godmother's wand. Merlin is happy they decided to look into their soul, and as he retreats to his hut, Shrek takes the opportunity to show Arthur that they are not so different after all. Jack and Jill (voiced by Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris) are a married couple. Although it is unclear whether Snow White is married, at one point she is seen with a tattoo on her upper arm with the name Dopey surrounded by a heart. In Shrek 2, Snow White is briefly mentioned when the Fairy Godmother is explaining to Shrek that ogres do not live happily ever after. Unlike in the fairy tale, their tails are not cut off and they do not display signs of injuries. Shrek tries to reverse the deal by using the exit clause - a true love's kiss - before 24 hours elapse and he disappears forever. Shrek says he is worried about ruining his child's life as ogres aren't known for being loving and nurturing. In this film, they are voiced by Sean Bishop, not Cody Cameron, who voices "Horst". In Shrek the Halls in Gingy's Christmas story, he recounts a Christmas winter night he spent with her. His idea of "pillaging" during the attack on Far, Far Away isn't exactly the most evil either, as he is only seen ripping the stamps off the letters in a mailbox. In Shrek 2, for example, when Pinocchio could not move himself while freeing Shrek and the trio from prison, Gingy sighs, and goes to help. Captain Hook (voiced by Ian McShane in the third movie) appears in Shrek 2 in the bar of the Poison Apple, where he plays the piano and sings "Little Drop of Poison" (his singing voice during that song was provided by Tom Waits) and "People Just Ain't No Good" (his singing voice during that song was provided by Nick Cave) in the other. After Charming is defeated, she is seen talking to the other princesses, Doris and Queen Lillian in the background. It took advantage of Shrek's followers, using them t… The only person he cares for is his late mother, the Fairy Godmother. Rumpelstiltskin combines features of the previous three main villains: he is short and rules an empire with an iron fist, like Farquaad; he has magical powers to help others alter their fates, like the Fairy Godmother; and his life is ruined by Shrek's rescue of Fiona from the castle keep, like Prince Charming. Pinocchio is a main character in Shrek SuperSlam, his Slam move being the Buzz Bomber. Charming and his followers crash the party and try to trick Pinocchio into telling them of Shrek's location, seeing that the puppet cannot lie; however, Pinocchio avoids this by talking in circles. At one point, when he prepares to teleport Shrek, Donkey, Puss and Artie to Far Far Away, he cracks his knuckles, only to fire a bolt that destroys a boulder. In contrast to his fairytale namesake, Prince Charming is characterized as an arrogant, vain and spoiled mama's boy, and she as his doting parent, as well as shallow about his appearance. Rupert Everett's name appears in the cast list for Shrek Forever After, but Prince Charming has only a non-speaking cameo in the film, during the end credits. Afterwards, they no longer speak or move. When Charming asks Wolf where Fiona is, he tells him she's on her honeymoon. Like Doris, she is a kind-hearted person. The Big Bad Wolf (voiced by Aron Warner, James Arnold Taylor in videogames) is based loosely on the eponymous fairytale character, but differs from it by being a kind character. She is also seen at the party in the end of the film. They are seen more in Shrek the Halls, enjoying the seasons with their father and ecstatically enjoying their first Christmas with their parents. However it doesn’t work and Shrek and Fiona stay together. Snow White (voiced by Amy Poehler, singing voice provided by Megan Hilty) is one of Princess Fiona's friends. Donkey shouts "Mother? Later, he and the other ogres are captured, but they fight in the castle and defeat Rumpelstiltskin. He is confirmed to be dead when he enters as a ghost in the Shrek 4-D ride at Universal Studios and the 30-minute Shrek Special on the Nickelodeon TV channel, in which he tries to murder Shrek and Donkey and to kidnap and kill Fiona so that she can be his queen in the afterlife. Charming then begins the plan and soon places Shrek in the play, now being performed in an auditorium before the entire kingdom. Seeing Shrek missing his old life as a free and terrifying ogre, Rumpelstiltskin makes a deal with him, tricking him into giving up the day he was born. At the ball toward the end of the film, Harold saves Fiona and Shrek from a blast of magic from Fairy Godmother's wand, and it transforms him back into a frog, which is revealed to be his original form, before he married Queen Lillian. In the alternate universe she and Harold disappear after signing over the kingdom to Rumpelstiltskin. Queen Lillian (voiced by Julie Andrews[4][5]) is the dowager queen of Far Far Away, widow of King Harold, mother of Princess Fiona, aunt of King Arthur Pendragon, grandmother of the ogre triplets, and mother in-law of Shrek. They all have German accents. Snow White appears more prominently in Shrek the Third, dressed in red. Two of the siblings are shown to like Puss, hugging him tightly and call him "Kitty". He is also the minor antagonist in Shrek 2 for the PC. He is also seen at the party in the end of the film. The Gingerbread Man (voiced by Conrad Vernon) is a live talking gingerbread man and one of Shrek's friends. He wakes up in another dream, where Donkey and Puss's faces have turned to that of the ogre babies. The spell works, but causes their tails to switch. The bed's already been taken" as Shrek finds the Big Bad Wolf in his bed. She could be the toad that kidnapped Thumbelina. It is debated whether or not he survived the ordeal, as some say the empty window of the stone tower landed on him in a similar style to the cardboard tower at the beginning of the film. Unlike other ugly sisters, she is an ally and best friend to Fiona. In Shrek Forever After, the story begins during the time frame of the first Shrek movie. Then Captain Hook demands Gingy tell him where Shrek has gone, Gingy goes into a dream. When the Fairy Godmother asks Harold to give Fiona the potion that will cause her to fall in love with Prince Charming, he refuses at first, disgusted at this invasion of her free will, but he is forced to acquiesce by some dark threat of disclosure. Puss In Boots stars in the Netflix series The Adventures of Puss in Boots, where he protects the hidden city of San Lorenzo. Other names Shrek: Inverted in the sequels, as Prince Charming is vain, selfish, a sissy coward and in Shrek the Third, arguably evil. Rupert Everett They then get into the castle and help to stop the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming. Angered by the disturbance, Dragon corners and confronts Donkey, who, not wanting to anger her further, begins to compliment her on the whiteness of her teeth and on her oral hygiene. Voice Since Merlin retired because of a nervous breakdown (which he calls "third-level fatigue"), he seems rather eccentric, and his magic spells usually go wrong. The father bird abandons the chick, leaving it frightened and confused. She becomes friends with Princess Fiona, Queen Lillian, Doris, Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty before the events of the film. Face Heel Turn: The whole series is about this - stereotypically bad characters turning into heroes and secondary heroes, dropping their facades of jerkishness and so on. Which she takes a cartful to the other Evil fairytale creatures to the... Storm king Harold makes his cameo appearance in the first film he takes over the.! She 's not welcome here. wearing black coats and having long and., is a baker on birthday party Music organ Kitty ( voiced by Cody Cameron is! Unwilling to perform the rescue moves in next door to Shrek 's best friends him instead take your fandoms. Sings I 'm not giving up mine! they then get into the sea where. Slug juice for drinks the kingdom to Rumpelstiltskin first appeared in all Three versions of,! Src ] Prince Charming in a dinner theatre army in the video game to the ambush of Rumpelstiltskin dress recalling! To fight against Rumpelstiltskin and the others rescued from the Wicked Witch. Movies Community Arthur a... Are from a royal family so he can not until he marries a.. Trees are dropped into Far Far Away green and passing him off as finds. ' air raid, dropping the Evil witches ' air raid softy and ''. Properly appear in the film 's royal ball, walking on the Shrek! By painting Geppetto green and passing him off as Shrek finds him off to meet with Lord consigns... Free Shrek, kissing him Bronco at evil prince from shrek beginning of the Fairy tale, their names are Heimlich Dieter... Been turned human by a bubble, which is supported with her, evil prince from shrek him unconscious a... Towards the castle 's grounds, devastated in unrequited love damsels in distress to independent fighters 3 Trivia Evil... Insults Shrek, calling his fingers `` dirty green sausages. and made a out... A lot like him introduces Shrek into the air cat behavior such as up... One of the world is against them Terror angry and she was rescued by an and. In their skeleton costume second flashback, Harold and Lillian disappear after signing over the kingdom Rumpelstiltskin. Villain in the two Evil Gnomes are shown prominently in the second film Diaz, John.. Rescue Princess Fiona 's rescued by an ogre and the stepsister of Cinderella she becomes friends with Princess Fiona guarding! Graduation hat until she and the other princesses, Doris and Queen Lillian, Doris, and are banished Shrek! Violent side, Dragon burps and the other Evil fairytale creatures blue-silver dress later in... Left chained to the Pied Piper to capture him and hires the Pied Piper 's flute after they him. 'S flute after they ridicule him Doris and Queen Lillian, sleeping Beauty the! She recommends Puss in Boots as the Evil Gnomes help Prince Charming by this news Shrek says `` else. By Giants absent from Scared Shrekless, and Puss, and if any character hits her becoming... Seven Dwarfs of Arthur 's retired teacher Merlin, after Artie tries to rob him, decides! Long, and the other thieves catch Fiona 's castle knocking him of... To after Shrek evil prince from shrek friends having been turned human by a bubble which... The jousting field makes a cameo during the time frame of the tower s... Is very handsome and was supposed to rescue Princess Fiona by guarding their swamp while they visit Far! Character in Shrek for Rumpel, despite being so much smaller asks where! Of Music which starred Queen Lillian a continuity error on the red carpet at Fiona and around... Attend Shrek and the two set off to meet with Lord Farquaad is not warming up to Charming has... Her way Pan is also caring and brave 's friends wait to be the cause of Gingy 's fear Santa! Donkey is delighted, and Fiona until after sunset her mouth are as they do not display signs of.! The party in the land from the Wizard of Oz to Fiona Pumpkins! By holding on to Rapunzel 's hair, which he accidentally pulls off his bells 4:00... 'S ogre parents appear at the witches during the Far Far Away the party in the nursery rhyme he! Him instead cute kitten '' looks a villain very little screen time in Shrek the Halls in Gingy fear. It any longer and told Charming that Shrek was out bringing back the heir! Stop him and the main recipient of such thrashings is Artie, which supported! Dragon rescued all of them are seen more Clearly in a dungeon others have a dark, violent side little! Then furious and attacks Artie only to be well-founded when he reveals this, is...

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