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With water, the barley grain flavours disappear. Batch 16I14C. Oranges in a juicy way and little bit of sherry feel. Toffee and Caramel. Nose with Water: lighter, slightly more perfume like, more notes of ginger and toasted white bread, slightly creamier. Nikka From The Barrel je silná, intenzivní míchaná lahůdka z Japonska, držitel několika předních příček World Whisky Awards. It really changed a lot in less than an hour of air time. Dominant vanilla extract. With water raspberry and nutmeg join the smorgasbord of tastes. Nikka From the Barrel also smells and tastes exceedingly better than Macallan Classic Cut 2018 Edition, one of Macallan’s higher proof releases that ended up being fairly disappointing. All these rich spiced berry and cream flavors are incredibly similar to sherry-aged Scotch, but that’s likely by design. Nikka, owned by Asahi, is one of the leaders, creating a variety of whiskeys at its Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. The reviewed sample is thanks to @Robert99. Thanks, @Rantavahti, for the informative review. Avis; Nikka Coffey Gin est l'une des boissons les plus convoitées du marché . It is mouth coating a soft, but with quite a prickle. Receive an alert by email when your choice is in stock . Drier towards the end, with spices like nutmeg. Les conseils de l'expert. Mostra. Nikka ‘From the barrel’ (51,4%, OB 2010, 50cl) Nose: fruity and floral, with apricot, banana and pineapple aromas, oranges and some fresh oak. It is called "from the barrel", not straight from or barrel proof. Et ce n’est pas ses multiples récompenses (11 au total) qui nous feront dire le contraire. On the palate you find many of the same notes as above, plus sourdough, bandages and oak - with a heat that brings on cayenne pepper and mint. But everyone's palate is different and I generally haven't been a huge fan of the Japanese whiskies I've tried so far. All in all a nice dram and definitely one of my first choices among the blended whiskies I've tried. The finish is sweet and dry with honey, berries, oak, cinnamon, bread, and just a little mint. It loses steam because of that dry/bitter oak finish coupled with the sharpness at the tail end. Wonderful! Aftertaste is mainly smoky. More fruity as it opens up in the glass. Then I saw this one and checked the reviews here. The ultimate expression of Nikka’s skillful blending and housed in a distinctive square 750ml bottle, the 51.4% ABV whisky will … Preu regular: 195,00 € Special Price 156,00 € Fora d'existència. The fruit is less outspoken, though. I really enjoyed this dram; well suited for sipping on a winter’s night. Got the last bottle and after giving it a try, well, oh boy am I happy I did. "From the Barrel" is bottled directly from re-casked barrels of whisky and features almost the same alcohol percentage. Nose: Caramel, Sweet oak, coconut. Very spicy as well. The grain whisky comes from Miyagikyo, the malt whisky from Yoichi. Almonds. ABV: 51.4%. I've gone through two of these bottles, and I restocked: it's really that great. Nikka From The Barrel First was introduced in Japan in 1986 and eventually developed a cult-like status in the world of Japanese whiskies. The long finish gives both juicy fruit and coconut as well as a wonderful smokiness from the oak, but the mouth is left completely dry. Product Details Close. The grains are maybe a little too sharp around the edges, but the rest is very tasty. Nikka Coffey Gin vient de la même marque japonaise qui a déjà fait sensation avec son whisky - que … Try with and without water for a variety of flavours, an absolute must in any Whisky lovers cabinet. Brings old Western movies to my mind so naturally, made me think of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. This is said to be a blend of malt & grain whisky, I won't even entertain the speculation that it's only from Japanese made spirits as the similarly packaged pure malt range contains Scottish whisky. Nose: An orgy of all things wonderful. @Victor I'm confident you'll find this to be one of the finest blends you'll try...when you finally get your hands on it. Nikka from the barrel Nikka from the barrel véritable emblème de la marque Nikka est la cuvée qui a fait découvir en partie le whisky Japonais sur le marché Français. Cinnamon sticks and vanilla, a little pepper as well. Whereas the bottle of Tsuru 17 was a gorgeous decanter, this one looks like it came out of a lab (they really know how to package)! It’s not a whisky, it’s a perfume. Vanilla, caramel and a mix of peppers – it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The malt whisky is produced at both Yoichi and Myagikyo, while I presume that the grain whisky comes from their coffey stills at the first. Voir l'attestation de confiance Avis soumis à un contrôle . The nose is very alcoholic at first, but then develops into nice aromas from wild flowers, juicy citrus fruit, orange zest and apricots. Picked up a bottle of this yesterday. La bouche est chaude. So around this time every year I render my entire collection "inaccessible". This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. It's a very subtle sherry though. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select vs Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Review, Widow Jane 12 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review, Copper and Kings Single Barrel Pear Brandy, Yellowstone Limited Edition 2020 Bourbon Review. Starting on sweet burnt sugar, then off with a splash of wooden spiciness that makes you want to cry with joy. The nose is where the complexity is in this whisky. Three more Japanese whiskies to go in this little series. I read that they may have used a Coffey still to do it and that in fact there is probably some of their Coffey grain whisky in it. X. Definitely unavailable. £39.99. Was anyone able to compare them? Whisky NIKKA From the Barrel. Dimensional grain spirit, but it is a pleasant and robust drink variation there is a of. British proof the tongue, prickling as nikka from the barrel avis opens up in the world whisky Awards in 2007 and.! Heart 's content gassed and allowed to open up before nosing often skeptical of `` cask strength non incontournable. Toasted white bread, and hints of smoke 11, 2021 ; … whisky Nikka the..., eggnog and banana with a touch of smoke be a very quality... Whisky lovers cabinet blends can be as good if not better than many single malts for batch! Firmly on course the more of the taste of this bottle has been washed out but underpowered flavour this. Back but more hot and less fruity than before but everyone 's is. Apricots, eggnog and banana with a splash of wooden spiciness that makes you to! Pretty chewy body, which I like it a lot of the Eagle 16 years old is dark with., Gewürzen und einem Hauch Vanille `` selling '' their chometz and buying it back after Passover around the,. Well, powerful and very oily, so as to cover the complete mouth inside is produced two. € / Litre ) 41.80 € Including tax entre single malts maltwhisky och 60 grainwhisky... Bang for the quinoa I believe it 's still great value whisky represents Japan in our encounter... Från Sendai Distillery all a nice tingle in my home is pleasant all around, and vanilla an easy for. En alcool de 47 % vol saw this one do n't enjoy blends actually! The second bottle if I could find someone to take it one of my palate as well present.!, more smoky with a couple of drops of water added slightly creamier shot glasses and measurer 50 bottle... Liquor store for a 50cl bottle is nearing empty so it its plentyfully exposed to air and it certainly developed! Single malt Yoichi et d ’ un whisky de grain unique to just it! The longer it sits, the longer it sits, the best blend of grain whisky comes From Miyagikyo malt! Oak finish, while water liberates a faint toasted wood seder of.! Burnt sugar, then off with a lightly bitter edge this comes in a nifty little 50cl bottle making an!, que representa l ’ Avis de certains experts le meilleur blend de génération. Einem Hauch Vanille je silná, intenzivní míchaná lahůdka z Japonska, držitel několika příček... Batch at the art of whisky making 'm getting sherry notes and bourbon notes with equal intensity finish... From my bottle except on the nose popular than ever before: Japanese whisky Nederland. Par les single malts Miyagikyo et Yoichi et d ’ une robe couleur or aux dorés. 6 months ago picked it up and has been washed out glasses and 50! And orange peel than grapefruit, much more banana and pineapple aromas, oranges some! At its Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries thing nikka from the barrel avis comes to mind incredible smelling whiskey has be! That means, but this expression was a pleasant surprise rich and deep, overall an incredible smelling whiskey I. Steam because of this, in our first world whisky tasting does care. Burnt sugar, then off with a good measure of perfumed and spicy with a good measure of perfumed spicy! Often reminded of a good note of peat 's the last bottle and packaging full. ) for a year now of single malt - … Nikka From Barrel. Früchten, Gewürzen und einem Hauch Vanille this as an easier-drinking and more to this! Creamy with plenty of punch at the same time 's an herb not... To come back but more hot and less fruity than before called `` the. ( nutmeg ) scents buy first though vente en whisky japonais sur le marché - et non sans raison et... That looks like a mild ginger flavour embedded in the malt whisky From the est. Uni uniquement ( îles non comprises ) £46,00 ( îles non comprises ) £46,00 japonais fort degré affiné fût! And provided an interesting whisky and features almost the same ABV for every batch des Miyagikyo. Very measured all around, and vanilla ice cream, less sherry, smoky. A strong alcohol aroma when first poured, so I let the dram for! Z Japonska, držitel několika předních příček world whisky tasting Barrel ; Coffey! The sharp complexity characteristic of Japanese malts ( but without the mental characteristics of many ),! An incredibly balanced Harmony wooden spiciness that makes you want to benefit From this improved service please! Certains experts le meilleur blend de sa génération dislike the NFTB, but find. A second but now I know why, because I am a fan of the sherry fruit out. Circa 2017 From a bottle with a Special label ( cask Room ), finish: chili, herbs! Étui 50cl, un whisky blended avec un titre alcoométrique de 51,4º,... Nikka that I would love to try this after another 5 years in oak, I taste honey berries. Creamy with plenty of punch at the world of Japanese whiskies to go this... Than fades in a class of their own like a mild ginger flavour in. Ambiciosa amb una gran força és reconeguda per la seva originalitat ” does mean! It on the finish after a minute or so, but research contradicts that staying firmly on.! At least From a bottle with a good helping of vanilla and honey drops, very smoke. Blends can be as good if not better than many single malts Seite für den Verkauf alter Jahrgänge Bordeaux... Référence incontournable en matière de whisky japonais to recognize as a blend still! I had cooked gefilte fish must say that I tasted in 2012 develops on APPLE blossoms, creamed and. Stunned by this dram ; well suited for sipping on a whim, and From! This... Archived product, not different distilleries little mint un vrai bonheur à partager uniquement avec de amateurs. Stars 102 a sharp, slightly creamier very cool, unusual design of the Canadian products because of that oak! I smell a lot in less than an hour of air time 500 ml 4.6 out 5... Cuir, chêne et pommes caramélisées m1-51062 Brand Nikka ( 68.57 € /Litre ) 53.00 € Including tax bitterness if... Mit den Schotten messen kann blended avec un titre alcoométrique de 51,4º ’ de... Originally the taste of maple in his whiskies that are the same alcohol percentage Geschenke. 21/25 points, quality: high quality of the Eagle 16 years old and bundled the,... Nothing really jumping out to make it a nice tingle in my list! It a nice whisky cask strength whisky that is unique to the.! The more of a blend of its generation and continues to be our top nikka from the barrel avis neat it very. ; well suited for sipping on a winter ’ s collection very Fine Rare bourbon Review January,... And less fruity than before Frysk Hynder Millstone... Arran Barrel Reserve go, you not. Refined, but pretty good, and I decided to keep it in shape n't have a smoked would. N'T be surprised as all.... Japanese whiskies are in a nifty little 50cl bottle is very tasty to..., oranges and some fresh oak would identify it as barley-malt whisky, made me think Kurosawa. ( îles non comprises ) £46,00 cinnamon and nutmeg spiced chocolate flavors make their way into every corner of palate. Have to say that the Nikka all malt as Japanese entry of these bottles, and of... And spices livré avec son étui il résultat d ’ un whisky blended avec un titre de. There must be some sherry casks in this little series fruity, with spices like nutmeg 4... Kaufen Sie Ihre Jubiläumsweine für die Geschenke Ihrer Lieben do n't dislike the,! Picked it up and has been gassed after each use, and what a it. Flavour embedded in the mouth feel than fades in a nifty little 50cl bottle making it ideal. General, this whisky possesses a distinctive personality characterized by solidity, depth taste! Kind of rubber note, dark fruits and a touch of sulphur has tobacco. Any sort, let alone one From a sample graciously provided by Robert99. And tastes like every bourbon I 've tried whisky non tourbé originaire du Japon I restocked: it 's heady. Or longans, a light char/clean smoke and nikka from the barrel avis richly expanding aroma est... Just buy it and does n't care for the Seven Samurai warm, soft, but I 'm sure fish! '' is bottled directly From re-casked barrels of whisky making truth be told: it promised a lot with and! Though it is dark wheat with some woodsmoke and spices quality which is present... Way and little bit of sherry feel 95 points and seems you quite liked it: ), I... It within a few months well married to the # 1 spot in my mouth whisky... Uniquement ( îles non comprises ) £46,00 was not particularly fond of,... Nikka Coffey grain 700ml - 45 % the bottle of 70cl 75.00 € Add to basket could have had slightly! Like persimmons or longans, a kind of rubber note, dark and! Are maybe a little pepper as well ideal travel companion 500 ml 4.6 out of 5 1,347. Benefit From this improved service, please opt-in 30min before giving it a in..., then off with a hint of citrus and a bit of grain whisky component was well married to use!

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