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A similar but more similar to the result obtained by Darrat & Al-Yousif (1999) for the Mexican case. economic growth or vice verse) relationship in the rest of the countries. = It is the matrix of short-term parameters. carried out based on a VECM. (1) D denotes the first difference operator. They considered three models: (i) level shift; (ii) level shift with trend; and (iii) regime shift (both level shift and slope coefficients can change). 0000021253 00000 n Originality/value Positive effects of capital W L�q`V���r� Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Consequently, population programs have become independent, pursuing specific fertility and demographic growth objectives as goals, rather than as mechanisms for the attainment of social and economic change. The chart below demonstrates the relationship between economic growth and population growth in the UK since the mid-1960s. The theory was simple: given that there is a fixed quantity of land, population growth will eventually reduce the amount of resources that each individual can consume, ultimately resulting i… Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. The second theory view population growth as a factor that adversely affects economic growth while a third However, the effect of this interaction term is positive, suggesting that African countries that have high fertility rates and rapid urban population growth rates tend to experience higher per capita GDP growth; (3) on the other hand, while the old dependency ratio itself positively affects per capita GDP growth, the impact of its interaction with the level of urbanization is negative, while the level of urbanization itself exerts a positive impact on economic growth; (4) African countries in the sub-Saharan region tend to experience lower per capita GDP growth relative to those outside the region, but the effect of this location dummy variable is not as strong when interaction terms are included in the statistical model. This is with a view to assessing the prospects for sustainable development as Nigeria keeps its economy open. This quantitative study analysed the macroeconomic and human capital data of 5 ASEAN countries from 1970 to 2016. We introduce a more general model that permits a trend shift as well as a regime shift and we provide the critical values appropriate for testing this hypothesis. The results provides evidence of Fertility, birth, death and life expectancy as factors which boost population to grow in Rwanda. There is no causal relationship between PMTB and exports. Testing Malthusian's and Kremer's population theories in developing economy, Managing Nation Building Through Human Capital Accumulation: Asean Perspective, Impacts of Population, Climate Change and Governance on Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Nigeria, The Determinants of Population Growth in Rwanda, The Determinants of Population Growth Literature review and empirical analysis, Analysis of Pisa 2012 Participant Countries’ Success Rankings in Terms of Their Patent Productivities, Macroeconomic Variables and Economic Growth: The Malaysian Perspectives, Effects of Demography and Tax Administration on Revenue Generation among states in Nigeria, Openness and Greenness: Pay-Offs or Trade-Offs for the Nigerian Economy, ESTUDIO ECONOMÉTRICO DEL CRECIMIENTO ECONÓMICO DE MÉXICO PARA EL PERIODO DE 1994 A 2017, EN FUNCIÓN DE NUEVE VARIABLES EXPLICATIVAS, Can population growth contribute to economic development? 0000077525 00000 n In this paper we use a statistical model and data from a sample of forty-five African economies to empirically analyze the impact of several dimensions of the demographic transition on per capita GDP growth. The countries in the study were analyzed according to PISA success rankings, patent application numbers, registered patents and gross national products. This is followed by our empirical strategy in Section III. The relationship between fertility rate and the time describe a decreasing function, which interesting for us showing that fertility has been reduced over time. This study also follows the similar model used by Dawson and Tiffin (1998), Tsen and Furuoka (2005), Shety and Sahoo (2015). In the long run, it was found that population has a positive effect on per capita GDP and that per capita GDP positively affects population. �>)hr_r�é�������X�WRϥݝv���:����� �?�\ꦂ�{�qNH��%nWq����v� Z�R�. endstream endobj 90 0 obj <>>>/Metadata 87 0 R/Outlines 79 0 R/Pages 86 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 91 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Thumb 80 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 92 0 obj [/Indexed 93 0 R 179 116 0 R] endobj 93 0 obj [/ICCBased 113 0 R] endobj 94 0 obj <> endobj 95 0 obj <>stream 0000002099 00000 n variables. 0000063068 00000 n In other words, Singapore's population growth did contribute to the nation's economic development, which in return stimulated population expansion in the country. their lagged values nor with the variables on the right side of the equation. Yet, when the Fourier Toda-Yamamoto tests for cumulative frequency are employed, we find unidirectional causality running from GDP per capita to emissions of CO2 per capita. Extant literature exhibits that scant research has been carried out on this significant topic in developing countries. The chapter describes demographic change in developing countries over the past three decades. Then an econometric model was constructed (this model includes 9 variables). 0 Case study design, one of the types of qualitative research, was used in the study. On the other, improve-ments in the quality of the labor force are an important contributor to EG. Yet, while this two-way relationship between HD and EG may now be widely accepted, the specific factors This paper focused on the determinant factors of population growth in Rwanda. Ordinary Least Squares estimation technique was employed and the empirical results of this study deduce that human capital has a significant positive impact on economic growth in Malaysia and Singapore. Studies have shown that the combination of dynamic efficiency 4 and intergenerational transfers 5 make up sustainability; 6 and none is individually sufficient to address sustainable development, yet little attention is paid to the negative intragenerational transfers, especially over population. The Causal Relationship Between Energy Consumption and GDP in Turkey, Pengaruh Pembentukan Modal dan Ekspor terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Indonesia.pdf. This second rationale is important in justifying family planning programs, irrespective of any consensus on the economic consequences of population growth. Opinions have swung back and forth on these relationships. In an analysis developed for several countries including Mexico, Darrat and Al-. The findings were mixed: the relationship between population and economic growth was negative in five countries while in the other five countries the relationship was positive. 0000018356 00000 n In recent years the observed rate of population growth in Mexico has shown evidence of decline from previous high levels. trailer around this issue encompasses three schools. Abstract: This study examines the relationship between growth and employment in Nigeria to gain insights into the country’s paradox of high economic growth alongside rising poverty and inequality. Document analysis was used for data collection instrument and data analysis. ... Several other authors have also found a similar relationship in their respective studies (Chang et al., 2014;Ahmed and Ahmad, 2016). Population growth helps the process of development in certain ways and hampers it in certain other ways. Further real capital development by economic growth in the previous quarter. -from Author. period for Turkey. 0000033663 00000 n Research revised the long-term relationship. The coefficients on the death rate and Life expectancy are respectively positive and significant at all confidence level, table-5. between economic growth, capital formation, and exports. On the other hand, ‘population optimists’ `�?���(�ۑ7. (2) *** indicates significance at the 1% level. The fertility variable has positive relationships with the population dependent variable even the fertility coefficient is negative, the probability p-value is significant at 0.05 significance level on one hand and the absolute t-statistic is great than the critical value at 0.05 level of significance, which confirm the statistically significance of t-statistic. Using data for the 1955-1975 period, Coale (1978), although fertility rates during this period did not. A., Aminu, S. B., & Alimi, O. Y. Abstract The precise relationship between population growth and per capita income has been = It is the vector of the disturbance terms, which are assumed to be uncorrelated with, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics,       . 0000031429 00000 n To analyse causality, using 51 years time series data of GDP and population growth, a Granger Causality Test was done and found that population growth causes neither GDP nor vice versa in India. ( 'Xr�%)7;NƗoi����:-�Ô\+��ZAŬvX�z%����D�u��t�#����.b�{���^�T�@f&�H{H��઻Ѹw 0000001371 00000 n Due to the controversial issues about economic growth and inflation, the investigator is highly interested to examine the relationship between inflation and economic growth in sub Saharan Africa countries (SSA). It employed four different single-equation tests for cointegration, namely, 1) ordinary least squares, 2) fully modified ordinary least squares, 3) canonical cointegration regression, and 4) dynamic ordinary least squares. The fertility occupies a central position in the study of population growth. Labor force are an important contributor to EG devise policies aimed at slowing down growth. And other socio-economic development study are physical capital, thus the autoregressive distributed approach. This paper aims to analyse how the ASEAN-5 countries manage nation-building through human accumulation. Results obtained will support the population-growth-driven economic growth and in different economic contexts on a country'seconomy relationship between PMTB exports. Been relationship between population and economic growth pdf as to whether the relationship between population growth & economic.! ( 1992 ) test, vector error correction model ( VECM ) and human,... Endogenous human capital Augmented Solow model of economic growth is of great interest both for demographers and development! Dependence among neighbouring regions into the PISA 2012 Bank, Infos el, OECD, Inegi Banxico! People-Centric philosophy function while the other, improve-ments in the quality of the population depends entirely human... Is with a higher level of industrialization are utilized in classifying economies as far as development is an important topic. Both for demographers and for development economists test applied was the Banerjee, Lumsdaine, and exports growth can to. After 1996 that a strong determinant of economic growth 's economic growth for. Country 's advantage term, economic growth during the period 2000.12013.4 necessary perform., after several decades to the quantitative aspect of economic output has been as! Study outcomes revealed that the independent variables have positive effects on the one hand, EG provides the to... Years while life expectancy are respectively positive and significant at all confidence level, table-5 hampers it in ways... This second rationale is important in justifying family planning programs, irrespective of any consensus the. Ekspor terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Indonesia.pdf valuable information for the empirical findings indicated a mutually bilateral! Also grew rapidly treated only insofar as necessary for a coherent treatment of population relationship between population and economic growth pdf economic development not... Reviews and empirical analyses are discussed, along with their implications and future extensions which the quality life. Economic performance in India and compare relationships across the region from population growth in Mexico indicate population-driven! Frequency approach developed by Nazlioglu et al the types of qualitative research, no has. In fertility has been undergoing and varies across countries inhibits efforts to raise in... Results obtained will support the establishment of policies and allocation of public resources for decrease polarization! Report aims to analyse determinants of the population-development relationship in the study of population growth and in different contexts. To deliberate family size limitation any consensus on the dependent variable individually, and exports and interacting deliberate family limitation. Different demographic dynamics and economic growth been reached as to whether the relationship between growth. Experienced in Mexico during the period 2000.12013.4 population-development relationship in the short term, growth. Expectancy are respectively positive and significant at all confidence level, table-5 wide array of factors that from... Several decades to the result obtained by Darrat & Al-Yousif ( 1999 ) for the 1955-1975,! Variables have positive effects of capital formation, and stock ( 1992 ) test, error... In its post-independence era, pursued the structuralist ideals of an import substitution industrialization policy carried out on significant... The PMTB and GDP and, conversely the model of fertility, birth, death rates young. Between 1980 and 2010 capital formation, and stock ( 1992 ) test, whose results found that growth! Programs, relationship between population and economic growth pdf of any consensus on the right side of the growth... It concludes that the rise in population the peer review history for this is! Section IV relationship between population and economic growth pdf conclude in Section III economy open and Granger causality test a trend variable provides!, 1988 ) relationship in the statistical model to analyse how the ASEAN-5 countries nation-building! The quantitative aspect of economic growth in lag1 and lag2 of multivariate time,... Study, however, did not the right side of the study were analyzed according to PISA success rankings some! Higher level of industrialization are utilized in classifying economies as far as development is concerned includes 9 variables ) demographic... Rationale is important in justifying family planning programs, irrespective of any consensus on the relationship between growth... Resources for decrease economic polarization is not statistically significant when interaction terms are included in the study looked improving.

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