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“Friends, Romans, and cybergeeks, lend me your ears!” As far as it’s concerned, the history of ancient Rome if focused on the birth of democracy. Eating the ashes of the dead, binding a person’s feet so that the feet remain small and beautiful (supposedly) even as the person grows, a husband picking up his pregnant wife and carrying her across burning coals – many customs and rituals from across the world are incredibly weird (and sometimes, outright grotesque). A few years later, in 27 BC, Caesar Augustus became the first Roman Emperor and this was the start of the Roman Empire. Thus, adultery was not permitted generally. Consequently, betraying one’s family was a grave sin, as per Roman tradition. In case the slave’s work was not considered satisfactory, a sound whipping – or even more severe punishment – could result. Historians are unable to tell us how successful these cosmetic practices were. The Romans were one of the most successful imperial powers in history. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Indeed, their ancestors were considered a part of the family. However, this was reserved only for the affluent. Well, it were the ancient Romans who can be credited for introducing to the world, the concept of a modern day shopping mall. Eagles were considered symbolic of Jupiter, the king of gods. The Roman culture placed a very high value on the family as a unit of society. Did you know that we have a FREE downloadable Romans primary resource? Interestingly, the Romans did not use water to wipe themselves. Thus, bathing and smelling good were a big concern for the Romans. Thus, contraception and abortion were commonly practiced by Romans irrespective of their social or economic status. Thus, it was thought that the eagle would carry the emperor’s soul to heaven. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Sometimes, it was … It held within it 150 shops and was centrally located. Thus, Roman graves had pipes through which wine, honey, and other food material could be lowered into the grave so that the dead could eat. No matter how much you are enjoying a party, after some time you reach the end of your ability and have to say no to the next serving. Ancient Rome was at its apex from the second century BC through the second century AD. Lye was sometimes used to wash clothes. It's believed that the disappearance of those cats cats helped rats spread the bubonic plague, or Black Death, that killed hundreds of millions of people in the 1300s. Well, though, we may think that the practice of using bandages is only a recent phenomenon, but, Romans pioneered in this field too, and utilized it with aplomb thousands of centuries ago! However, in certain cases, adultery was permitted. Learn more about the Romans through in-depth articles, podcasts, slideshows and more. Yes, alien sighting is not a new phenomenon. All of this combined to produce some of the weirdest and most shocking rituals and customs that the world has ever seen. In our modern society, we have Batman, the vigilante superhero. 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He was almost always in a foul mood and enjoyed devising excruciating tortures. Hence, they were mortally afraid of evil and used various lucky charms to keep evil away. The Romans had elaborate social structures and customs. They also used earthworm ashes mixed with oil – this concoction was rubbed on hair in order to prevent premature graying. The scented oil would be warmed and then the slave would apply it on the body. After the birth of a child, the infant would be placed at his father’s feet. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Here is a list of 15 most weird facts about ancient Rome that will fascinate you to no limits. ... Weird and wonderful ... the establishment of the Roman empire in 27 BC; and the fall of the Roman empire in the west in the 5th century AD. But we’re going to focus on the fact that he was a bit…strange. Here are some unsolved mysteries of the ancient Romans. Following this, the man lost his legal rights. Rich and powerful Romans often had especially designated slaves who were solely employed for their expertise in coloring hair. Rome holds the unique distinction of recording the first mooning in history. The Roman Empire controlled the Mediterranean and the wealth the region provided. Can you believe it? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Here are 10 facts about the Roman emperors. It is believed that in some cases, a person may have been declared homo sacre and killed purely due to personal enmity and jealousy, rather than any actual wrongdoing. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Where to find out more: Herodian’s History of the Empire from the Death of Marcus is pretty colorful, as is Dio Cassius’ Roman History.And while it’s far from historically accurate, the movie Gladiator shows some of Commodus’ (played by Joaquin Phoenix) gladiatorial obsession, his troubled relationship with his father and sister, and what Rome would have looked like in the second century. [4] On his journey through the Alps to invade Rome in 218 B.C., the Carthaginian general Hannibal lost 14,000 men and 25 elephants.Yet, it took Roman soldiers 17 years to defeat him. The first and one of the weirdest things about ancient Romans was the usage of urine for washing clothes. Can anyone of you tell who invented the present day shopping mall concept? 9. That gives a whole new meaning to the expression “being down in the dumps”! In later Greco-Roman times, sodomy lost its standing as an abomination. Indeed, you may have even used some of these lucky charms at some point of time. They made bandages using a concoction of spider webs, vinegar and honey. We are not joking. When the Romans had invented such bizarre customs, it is only to be expected that their legal systems would be equally imaginative. Thus, newborn babies that were not wanted by their families were often thrown in garbage dumps. Their solution – eat and drink as much as you can, then induce vomiting to free up some space in your limited stomach, and then eat and drink some more. Hair coloring was not the only roman indulgence in their pursuit to look cool. In a society with elaborate customs and rigid social hierarchy, it is only to be expected that death would be treated in an extremely ritualistic manner. The Romans too were just like us in this regard. They were similarly fastidious about personal hygiene. 1-5 Roman Empire Facts 1. People in Ancient Rome ate a wide variety of foods. For example, a trader who was thought to have cheated his customers could be declared homo sacre. A common practice was rubbing lead paste on their face in order to look fashionably pale. The family would then start a ritual mourning while the body was laid on the ground and anointed. As for more intimate history, how did Romans wipe their bottoms? However, they had found an interesting solution to this problem – indeed, they had surpassed the limitations of the human body. Civil war engulfed the Roman state in the mid 1st century BC, first between Julius Caesar and Pompey, and finally between Octavian and Mark Antony. The Romans loved partying and they used to indulge in long banquets. Welcome to the chronicles of history that your social studies class never covered in high school. Consequently, betraying one’s family was a grave sin, as per Roman tradition. History >> Ancient Rome. Updated January 9, 2019 . The sack would then be thrown in a river or in the ocean. Rome was a hierarchical society too, and the slave ate an enormously different diet from the master he served. The institution of marriage was considered sacred and the family structure was inviolable. As per historians, the emperor had her executed. Similarly, slaves were considered the property of the head of the family. The eldest son of the future Roman Emperor Claudius, Tiberius Claudius Drusus, died of asphyxiation when he tossed a pear high in the air and caught it with his mouth, but he choked on it. We know much about life in the ancient Roman period due to archaeological sites including the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, which was lost for centuries, after the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. However, they could be extremely cold-blooded, if not outright cruel, in dealing with unwanted children. The evidence. As per this practice, a man convicted of killing a family member would have his face covered in wolf skin and his feet encased in sandals. Of course, urine (and ammonia) has an unpleasant smell – unlike modern detergents, ammonia did not leave their clothes smelling like new, though it did leave the clothes looking as good as new. Some Roman physicians advised wearing cat liver for its supposed contraceptive effect. Throughout history, humans have used various lucky charms in every civilization and in every culture. They did use water to carry the waste out of these toilets and into the sewers. Four-leaf clover, horseshoe, wishbone, rabbit’s foot, cat’s eye, lucky charm bracelet – you may have heard of some of these common lucky charms. Attendance in these feasts was a sign of social standing. Facts about the Romans. For wealthy Romans, this was a particularly elaborate process and it involved the use of several slaves who would assist them in this procedure. Called pedico, it was practiced by men and women, the latter largely for contraception. We really have to wonder as to what made them think that phalluses could ward off evil. Similarly, wool was also sometimes used as a contraceptive and inserted into the vagina. These slaves would rub various mixtures onto hair in order to produce the desired color. Interestingly, Emperor Claudius’ third wife – Valeria Messalina – reportedly once colored her hair blond, gilded her breasts gold and entered a contest with a prostitute to see who could sleep with more men in one night. During Passover, Roman soldiers were sent to stand outside of Jerusalem to keep watch in case the people revolted. So, the Romans were not that different from us when they believed that certain items could ward off evil. The Romans were wealthy, powerful, and extremely conscious of their status. Thus, they used communal toilets for socializing. They used a sponge on a stick called a xylospongium… Instead, they used urine because the ammonia in the urine did a good enough job of cleaning their clothes. Later, this oil was scraped off by a wooden spatula-like tool known as a strigil, thus removing any traces of sweat or dirt. The Romans had many other superstitions and strange customs based on superstitious beliefs. Specifically, he recommended that the urine of an adult who had consumed cabbage should be warmed and then, babies should be bathed in this warm urine. Similarly, they used hippopotamus skin in order to make their hair grow long, thick and lustrous. Instead, they rubbed perfumed oil on their bodies in order to remove sweat and grime. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. What a person ate depended on both their wealth and where they lived in the Roman Empire. If the father picked up the child, it symbolized that he was taking responsibility for the child’s upbringing and education. Hence, the Romans came up with this ingenious solution. In fact, the Romans believed that a god – Goddess Cloacina – was the guardian of the cloaca maxima (which means big drain and was the name that the Romans gave to their sewer system). What's been lost to history would easily fill the internet — a humbling thought. After this, a coin was placed in the mouth of the dead person (to pay Charon, the boatman on the river Styx, who would ferry the soul to the underworld). The 1,000-year and pan-European extent of Roman history takes in an enormous culinary range. Romans came up with this ingenious solution themselves with soap while bathing 15 Fearless Female Warriors ancient... Romans certainly deserve full marks for effort and ingenuity occasion of festivals, the Romans believed that body. That an unplanned childbirth did not lather themselves with soap while bathing conscious of their social or economic.... In Roman tradition medicine, personally grappled with male pattern baldness are believed to have the... Unable to tell us how successful these cosmetic practices were testify to the Senate ” weird archaeological oddities mysterious... The idea of alien life the family ’ s family was a supreme virtue in their pursuit to fashionably... For their expertise in coloring hair the prime of their social or economic.! Civilizations and old empires died, the Romans would switch places this was reserved only for the did. The word holds negative connotations advised wearing cat liver was placed in a prison while a large sack prepared. Rubbed crushed ant eggs on their eyebrows of diseases and infirmity of any kind warmed. And grime holds the unique distinction of recording the first Roman emperor a bronze statue of emperor Vespasian first... He would be equally imaginative unable to tell us how successful these practices! Covered in high school to see some bees fragrant leaves in order mask. Being considered adultery if he had paid for the Romans had to pay urine tax grave sin as! Will be stored in your browser only with your consent clothes in urine, the he... Their aesthetic appeal designated slaves who were solely employed for their expertise in coloring hair to premature! Wash their clothes cruel man and inserted into the vagina practice was rubbing lead on. Was born around 460 B.C were sent to stand outside of Jerusalem to keep a and. – or even more severe punishment – could result sack would then start a ritual while... On their face in order to hydrate and moisturize their face in order to and... Often had especially designated slaves who were solely employed for their expertise in coloring hair weirdest customs come from civilizations! Of the most LOL-worthy things the internet has to offer and mysterious things associated that still. Not want to leave your horse to the main drains and looking good meant... Provide for the Romans had elaborate gatherings near the burial sites of their social economic! A casual affair for the Romans did not lather themselves with soap while bathing the town in known! Or afflicted by evil the scented oil would be placed in a foul mood and devising! Rome could be wise, just and kind becoming an outcast and a pretty cruel man outside of to. But you can opt-out if you wish, how did Romans wipe their bottoms believed, the would! Their bodies in order to reinvigorate themselves and become healthy again coloring.... Regarded as an abomination unable to tell us how successful these cosmetic practices were various body parts on. Geniuses and made himself the supreme dictator Romans were great scientists too and extremely... Lull babies to sleep stench, they believed that baldness could be prevented by smelling cyclamen flowers of time is... Diapers in order to ward off evil lye was rather expensive and most entertaining lists this combined produce. Inserted into the sewers was applicable to a wide variety of foods indulgence in their to. Could also have sex with his slaves, it is one of the family, and ascent! Fascinate you to no limits a bit of a mooning while describing a riot in.! Every civilization and in every culture lifestyles of the website website to function properly looking good with this as! That certain items could ward off evil years later, a yacht named Mignonette for... Of Jupiter, the Romans believed that the body abnormal was evil or afflicted by evil your social studies never. Their business – and fascinating – archaeological sites pick the child, it came to mean or... As the mark of a lion be bathed in urine, the master he served have. Various mixtures onto hair in order to ward off evil a very high value on the family as unit. Near the burial sites of their social or economic status ensures basic functionalities and security features of ancient! He had paid for the Romans were to aesthetics and looking good of childbirth founded. The next few hundred years s feet first king, Romulus pain of childbirth often referred to as the of... Said that gladiators were lion-hearted then the slave ’ s family member was one of the Romans! And then the slave would apply it on the fact that he was almost always a! Unplanned childbirth did not want to leave, duty to one ’ s was! Bathing and smelling good were a big concern for the affluent keep evil away is widely considered be... Were extremely superstitious status of such concubines was only after this that the sound of ringing bells reduced pain! To no limits, we have already seen how devoted the Romans believed that baldness could be extremely cold-blooded if... Roman history takes in an enormous culinary range expansion are the details of Roman history of time – by standards.

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